My wife Crystal and I packing Christmas jewelry orders out in 2 feet of snow. Dec 2002.

Crystal and Joel Getting the Shipment Out

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  • bcolleran93 says:

    Did you marry the same Crystal who worked at the post office with the young son?

    • Joel Horn says:

      Yes it is the same girl. Thank you for your interest.

      • Bruce says:

        No thanks needed, reading your book made me feel like i was part of the family. Put me in an unexplainable trance. So thank you sir.

        • Joel Horn says:

          It is the greatest part of being a writer when I get feedback like yours. Knowing people enjoy your work is inspirational.
          For your information I have moved most of my content to my author page as I have started a series of novels and needed the more generic website, not specific to one book.

Love to hear feedback!

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