Building a wood fired bread and pizza oven.

I just finished this outdoor oven. My Mom always wanted one but I wasn’t fast enough to get it done before she passed last fall. So Ma there it is, I hope you like it.

A lot of cement went into this project but within this project went a number of different items that had historical significance to us. The fire box door came from an old Gibson tractor we got from our friend Gary’s sister around 30 years ago. She was a very beautiful and great lady and sadly she passed, way to young, only months after she gave us the tractor. So Debbie as you look down you will see your tractor lives on.

The hoop steel for the oven structure came from recycling parts from the old organ blower, Virgil brought up when we first moved. It served many years as the cover to the original pelton turbine. Virgil your organ blower lives on as well.

And lastly the original sawmill carriage we made with straightened, burned bed frames was cannibalized  and the steel went into this oven. So I guess should the oven not work when it gets tested it will live on as a shrine to the Flat’s early history.


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