Writing was one of Virgil and Marcy’s common interests. In the early 1970s on a German Triumph typewriter modified for English, Virgil typed several copies of Hooray the Wilderness, a 150+ page manuscript chronicling their amazing adventure that he submitted to two publishers. Neither publisher accepted the manuscript and Virgil set about revising and polishing his book. As he was dying, Virgil wanted a computer station set up so that Marcy could continue to work on getting their story in print.

In 1999, Marcy self-published her musings in We Walked the Tall Grass. In those days before the availability of affordable, professional self-publishing, the options were few and the book is prohibitively expensive.

Wanting to fulfill Virgil’s dream of publishing their story, Joel Horn combined Hooray the Wilderness and We Walked the Tall Grass, adding technical detail and a third perspective. The title of the resulting book, Impossible Beyond This Point, came from a weather-beaten USFS sign posted at the top of their trail. Seeing the sign, Virgil wryly commented that he should change the A to an O.

This remarkable true story is now available in paperback and ebook at Amazon! The paperback version is also available at CreateSpace.


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