Joel-Horn-AuthorJoel Horn, the youngest of Virgil and Marcella’s three sons, was barely five years old when they moved to the wilderness. Growing up in the rugged Trinity Alps, Joel and his brothers learned how to do the numerous and varied tasks necessary for survival while carving out a life in their remote paradise.

Living this self-reliant life and tutored by the best of teachers, their dad and hands-on experience, the boys achieved a level of self-sufficiency rarely seen in modern times. In Impossible Beyond This Point, Joel combines his parents’ writings with his own recollections to create a fascinating and entertaining account of the family’s struggle and triumph creating a self-sufficient life in the wilderness.

Marcella Horn lived in the mystical Trinity Alps Wilderness area for over 47 years and was enchanted with the wild beauty of these mountains until her death in late 2014. Marcella’s interests included flower and vegetable gardening, jewelry design and, of course, writing.

In addition to co-authoring Impossible Beyond This Point, Marcella published Merriweather in Search of the Fairies (2012) and Merriweather and Summer Breeze in Search of the Magic Flints (2014), beautifully illustrated whimsical tales of adventure and imagination sure to please both children and adults.


Virgil Horn was an accomplished poet, sculptor and jewelry artist as well as a credentialed school teacher and WWII veteran. In 1972, Virgil chronicled the family’s extraordinary adventure in Hooray the Wilderness but the manuscript was never published.

Impossible Beyond This Point includes much of Virgil’s original writings and although he departed this life in 1990, his legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of his sons who continue on a daily basis to use what they learned from him.

This remarkable true story is now available in paperback and ebook at Amazon. The paperback version is also available at CreateSpace.

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